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Welcome to Malabar
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Welcome to malabar land developers Buy a fantastic Farmland? Your lifelong realtor!

We’re Promoting Trusted Framland

Welcome to
Malabar Land Developers

A youthful and energetic property development company, <br> is to create high-quality properties through our expertise and professionalism.

Best Investment

Farm lands have appreciated better than urban real estate, Gold and equities.

24/7 Security

Our goal at 24/7 Security Group is to give our clients property and a safe place to live.

We’re Certified

Providing resources that assist agents in becoming more effective is what we do best.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 help in order to give our cherished customers the best service possible!

Luxury Farm Living

We have developed over more than 20million sq.ft of real estate around Karnataka.


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We’re Leader in Farmland Market

We at Malabar Land Developers are dedicated to assisting you in living your best life and rooting you back to your natural habitats. We wish to provide opportunities for you to surround yourself with nature and indulge in all that it has to offer.

  • Premium Farm Land in Bangalore

  • Qualities by Government Approval

  • Safety by Legal Verification.

  • Trust on New Way.

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the Future of Development

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Reasons to Own a Managed Farmland

Returns Land

Farm lands have appreciated better than urban real estate, Gold and equities.


Your Farmland is a pleasant getaway destination for weekends or day outings.

Profits Through
Crops Harvested

You can choose multiple varieties of fruit-bearing, flowering or timber trees to be grown on your farm.

Hedge Against

Farmland are quite cheap relative to any financial assets, and one can get a reasonable rental yield or farm yield.

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Uphold The Trust!

  • Choice of Cultivations

    Our customers choose the cultivations they did to avoid taking any risks.

  • Build residence

    We will take care of customers who want to build a residence.

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Visualize luxuriant vegetation and the brilliant hues of flowering flowers. reassuring, yes? We frequently miss the wonders that exist outside of our seemingly conventional daily routines because of the grips of our ostensibly normal lifestyles.


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